What is the fastest speedfusion connection you've achieved over Starlink?

What is your fastest performance achieved over a SpeedFusion/PepVPN tunnel over Starlink, and what is your configuration?

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This was outside the SpeedFusion tunnel but through an MBX Mini using just the Starlink. When I combined it with cellular I was getting ~180mbit through the speedfusion tunnel.

This is using the Starlink RV version in a major metro area (on top of a parking garage) mid-day. Not bad. I’ll test just the Starlink via the tunnel when I put it back together and share that one, too (which is really what you asked!)

One thing to keep in mind is the far end that you have the speedfusion tunnel has to also have enough bandwidth.

I would love to get 180! The best I have captured is 69 Mbps, but typically I see in the 20’s

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