What is ota.peplink.com used for?

I saw a DNS request for this subdomain leaving the WAN port of a Balance 20x running firmware 8.1.1. The CNAME was
The router in question had incontrol2 off, remote access off and Content Filtering Database Auto Update was also off.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Michael234
http://ota.peplink.com is used by the router for “Over The Air” firmware upgrades.
Even if firmware updates are are disabled, the router can still check to see if an update is available but it will not download the update unless you request it.

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Besides the usage mentioned by @Sam_Norris, ota.peplink.com also used for checking/updating the Content block list, Geo/SAAS for firewall, SpeedFusion Cloud regional server list, and etc.

No worry, it is legitimate traffic.


Thank you.