What is Balance One Antenna Pattern?

Hi! I am placing a new Balance One in an office setting where it can only be located on one edge of the location.

What is the radiation pattern of the internal antennas? I haven’t found this information anywhere.

Are they completely omnidirectional? Or do they have some directionality?

Balance One uses built-in omnidirectional antenna.

Hi! I am looking for the Transmit Power for the Balance One.

The datasheet or web page specs for the AP One list Transmit Power, but it is not listed on the Balance One page or datasheet.

Also, the AP One specs page lists “Coverage (With line of sight in open environments)”. Is there such a coverage estimate for Balance One?

I have a Balance One (HW3) in standard office environment with metal frame/gypsum walls and a suspended ceiling. The B1 wifi reaches the outer extents of the office, but the signal is marginal. I just purchased two AP One Minis and I am planning their placement.

I assumed that I would easily find specs on the B1 radios and its transmit power in order to compare to the power of the minis so that I could better plan their spacing before getting up in the ceiling for trial-and-error.

Please advise on the transmit power of the Balance One radios. I wish to also receive a spec sheet on its radiation pattern as well. Thanks!


Is this information available or should I open a ticket??

Stay tuned and we will post the info when ready

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Please refer to the following link for the info:


Thank you kindly for posting the radiation patterns!

Please advise on the transmit power of the Balance One radios.

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