What happens when you run out of Speed Fusion connect data?

Can anybody tell me what happens when you have a setup in which a device is configured via the SFC settings to send all traffic to SFC and the data runs out? Does it get removed automatically of do we have an outage?

What if the traffic is sent to SFC via an Outbound policy? Again, I would like to know if the rule is removed/invalidated automatically or if we have an outage until manually adjusted.


Well It depends.
SpeedFusion Connect is a remotely provisioned SIM effectively so like any SIM in a Peplink device if it runs out of data traffic will stop flowing, and if you have another SIM your modem can and will swap to the other SIM card to get you reconnected.

Outbound policy is based per modem, so when the modem fails your outbound policies would then decide how traffic should subsequently flow.

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Hi Martin,

I was not referring to the LTE version. It is indeed confusing to refer to SpeedFusion Connect and SpeedFusion Connect LTE when asking questions.

My question is about SpeedFusion Connect only. I buy 1 TB of data and when it runs out, I need to understand what happens with both types of policies. (the ones configured in the SpeedFusion connect tab and the ones configured in Outbound Policies). If the end result is an outage and not an elegant disabling of the policy, then it needs to be monitored very closely.

Yes, we have two “SpeedFusion Connects” now. (I too find it confusing.) When you run out of data your OBPs are not rewritten but that SFC WAN will be treated as dead and how you have your rules written will determine what happens. If, for example, your rule is “enforced” no data will flow outbound. If you have it set to priority and SFC is the first WAN listed then the next WAN in line will be selected. Note that some rules allow “Fall through to next rule” so in that case he behavior will be exactly what is suggested.

We find it easiest to configure OBPs via that page rather than via the SFC page but “YMMV.”

Careful and thoughtful writing of the OBP rules will be a useful and productive endeavor. There is a lot of “power” there. :<)

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Hi Rick,

This is great info. It takes care of half my question (the outbound policy part), as we can deal with it by using priorities. The part am I still needing to understand is when we configure specific devices to use SFC by adding them in the Speed Fusion Connect tab. Will these simply experience an outage or is there a way for them to failover when data runs out?

Is it not possible to auto-renew your SpeedFusion Connect plan when the data quota has been met? Similar to how it can auto-renew when the time period expires?

I have another question on this topic. Does anybody know of a way to get email reports/alerts in our inbox when data is about to run out of Speed Fusion Connect Protect? We are an MSP and manage thousands of routers. I don’t see a clear way to stay informed and ready to reload a router if it is about to run out of data. Having to log onto the SFC portal and generate reports manually is not practical.


If the SFC Protect is expired/disabled on the device, the option will be greyed out, and the associated “Traffic Steering Priority” rule(s) will be removed from the system.

In your case, the client device(s) defined in SFC Protect page will follow whichever rule in out Outbound Policy page that is applicable, eg. the “Default” rule.

Probably this article should be able to address the auto-renewal question.