What Firmware Upgrade To Use

I have the router as shown above. I am confused as to what, if any firmware upgrade that I need.

Thanks for any help.

Tom Fisher

Since you have a SOHO HW Rev1 you will want to upgrade to the 6.3.4 firmware. Thanks.

Thanks Tim.

Tom Fisher

Tim I am using a AT&T ZTE Mobley cellular modem as a WAN source. It is connected the USB
port on my Surf SOHO. Are the following settings optimum for that modem:


Tom Fisher

Is there any reason you are using “3G Preferred”? The Health Check Interval is not very aggressive but it also uses less data. Otherwise looking good :thumbsup:

“3G Preferred” is the max that is offered in the settings. Is there a way to be able to select “4G Preferred” instead?

3G Preferred will allow it to drop down to 2G if needed. Looks like you have good signal!

Thanks. The ZTE Mobley is a 4G LTE device and connects at that speed where I’m located. The 3G Preferred setting confuses me. Does that mean that it will try to connect at 3G even though 4G LTE is available? OR should there be a 4G
LTE preferred option?

You can think of 3G Preferred as “fastest available”. We support so many modems that it would be impossible to have individualized settings for each of them. Thanks.

Did you have to do anything to set up the Mobley with the SOHO? I’ve had a Mobley since last July and just got a SOHO a few weeks ago and been having issues with the 7.1.0 Firmware update for the SOHO. For some reason it kept dropping the connecting to the Mobley over wifi. I haven’t tried connecting it through USB yet, but I’m going to try that tomorrow, too frustrated today.

I did reset it to the old firmware (6.3.3) and now its connecting and working fine. I have no idea why the new firmware would cause it to lose the wifi connection though, I didn’t change anything, didn’t even set anything up other than a custom SSID and didn’t change any other settings, but now with the old firmware, its staying connected without issue.

Sorry. I have no idea. I would contact SOHO tech support.