What does disabling a port on the SD-Switch do?

I have the 24 port SD-Switch and it has about 8 PoE connected devices like IP Cameras. When I go into InControl2, I tried disabling one or two of the ports, including editing it and also disabling PoE. The Cameras all continue to work fine, they don’t lose connection, power down, nothing. So just wondering what disabling the port feature does since it doesn’t kill the PoE or even kill the LAN link. Do I need to reboot the switch after disabling a port or something? I was hoping disabling it would have stopped the PoE meaning it would have given me a way to remotely reboot PoE Cameras but doesn’t seem to work.

Hi @liammonroe

We had exactly the same problem some time ago. None of the changes done in the IC2 were applied on the SD-Switch. In our case it was related to the IC2 database issue and was resolved immediately after informing the support team. I’d suggest creating a ticket

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