What can I do when I'm not receiving support?

I have about a dozen PEPLINK Balance routers deployed, and I personally like the hardware and simplicity of the software. However, I recently purchased a new Balance 210 which is not operating the way it should, so I put in my very first support request.

5 days after putting in a support request ticket, I still have no response. This is pretty abysmal for this type of networking product, and really makes me question my decision to pick PEPLINK over a more well known competing vendor (who is a tad bit more expensive).

What can we do when we don’t receive needed support? Seems like there’s no way to reach PEPLINK engineers anymore.

Did you open a support request directly with the partner you purchased it from? Please share the ticket number for reference. Thanks

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I have not. I initiated the support request through Peplink’s website, and then it was sent to Frontier for support, and then 5G Store. I was under the impression they would reach out to me for more information as I was not given any contact information.

Frontier reached out to me here on the forums just now. 5G Store did not reach out to me - I purchased from 5G Store.

The case number is 9060608

Support for Peplink products is supposed to be sought from the company you purchased from. They will then be able to escalate it thought the correct channels.
This is to allow the engineers to deal with the more tricky issues and the Peplink Partners and Distributors are quiet often able to provide a solution without going to the engineers

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Suggest you tell us here about your problem. Likely we can help you figure it out.


Please reach out to us directly at 833-5Gstore. I don’t have a ticket assigned to us with that number from Peplink but we most certainly want to assist. 5Gstore prides ourselves on our pre and post sales support. If you’d prefer we give you a call, message me or email me directly at kevin@5gstore.com and I’ll have a technician reach out ASAP.

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