What are typical application scenarios of FusionSIM?

Peplink-developed technology that enables virtual SIM management. In order to deploy this technology, customers will need these components: FusionSIM Platform, FusionSIM Controller, and FusionSIM Devices.

###What are typical application scenarios of FusionSIM?

Scenario 1 - Branch network backup solution.
● Office router supports FusionSIM and has a landline connection as primary WAN.
● Primary WAN is used to get FusionSIM, which allows having cellular backup connectivity.
● When Primary WAN goes down, Cellular WAN with FusionSIM provides backup connectivity.
● FusionSIM Controller is used to manage SIMs across all the branches from one central location.

Scenario 2 - LTE connectivity for ships/vessels/yachts.
● The router supports FusionSIM and has VSAT as a primary WAN.
● Since the VSAT latency is too high, router used LTE/5G to establish Lighter connectivity.
● To establish FusionSIM connectivity, router must have at least 2x Cellular modems and Lighter SIM which support global roaming.
● Once the Lighter SIM establishes connectivity the FusionSIM is allocated for one modem and once this is accomplished the FusionSIM allocated for modem which was using Lighter SIM.