What are the differences between hw2 and hw3 of the Balance 580?


I could not find any release notes on the hardware update.

(Which is generally the case - it seems well-nigh impossible to trace the hardware histories, aside from incomplete fragments found in some postings.)


Hi @zegor_mjol,

Here are a couple of links which may help, with your specific query though, there are no differences between Hardware version 2 and 3 for the Balance 580. It is quite likely that one or 2 components inside may be different, but the technical specifications of both versions are exactly the same.

List of models, hardware versions and their release dates > Here <
Differences between the Balance 580 Hardware versions > Here <

I hope this helps,



Thanks. The postings are helpful in determining the differences in the look of the models. However, they do not provide information about the differences in technical specifications.


Do you have any particular information that you are looking for about the differences? As @Steve.Taylor stated:


Steve Taylor’s answer was what I was looking for w.r.t. the 580.

I expanded (without warning :slight_smile: ) the question to the more general one of keeping track of hardware differences as the model lines evolve. My apologies for the lack of clarity.


Hello zegor_mjol,

That is okay. I just wanted to make sure that something wasn’t missing. :slight_smile: