What am i missing?

New Balance Two install. Outbound policy not working. This should be simple.

I have two internet providers connected. Both enabled.

I have two outbound rules. One, the default HTTPS Persistence. and I changed the Default rule to Priority WAN1.

Yet I get more traffic to WAN2 then WAN1, when I think I should get no traffic to WAN2 (until WAN1 fails).

I’ve rebooted the router. still no change.

What am I missing?

Thanks Roger

What are the 154 outbound sessions?

FYI I turn off HTTPS persistence and I have ZERO issues

Click on the “search” tab and you will see that all of those WAN2 sessions are https. Most of the web is HTTPS today. This is because your HTTPS rule is before the default rule. They are not cumulative, they are “first to match”.

You have selected “auto” rather than custom. Use custom and set the ratio to zero for WAN2. Or put another HTTPS priority WAN#1 only rule above the HTTPS rule and allow “fall through to next rule” if it fails. (this would only be needed with multiple backup WANs. )

Thank you, so much for an answer. This been source of confusion for me. Yes, that fixed it.

I guess it doesn’t follow my logic; which is when the session is first initialized, it is not in the persistent table and falls thru to the next rule.

Thanks again, Roger