Well known streaming services outbound list?

I have bought a Balance One Core. While the shipping proceeds, I am planning to divert all traffic directed to streaming services, to WAN 2. Is there a well known list of hosts offering streaming services (Youtube, facebook, Apple, Spotify, etc) or heavy traffic (such as windows update servers etc) that can be used quick and dirty?


Don’t think anyone will has the list as the hosts may change from time to times.

I would suggest you use outbound policy with domain name to do that.

To analyze the domain URLs involved, you can use HTTP/URL monitor tools in the market to study the requires URLs:


Thank you

Please refer the domain list for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(http://www.peplink.com/knowledgebase/use-peplinks-firewall-feature-to-block-netflix/) in our knowledgebase if needed.