Weird characters in wireless client SSIDs after AP firmware update

I updated a Balance One Core (no wifi) from 8.1.0 to 8.1.2 today and then hit an issue with managed APs.

This B One manages a set of hardwired (no mesh) AP One Enterprise APs, which were also running older firmware until today. After the B One reboot, I noticed AP firmware packs have been deprecated, so I selected “3.6.3 build 1947” from the “Update Firmware” drop-down under the “AP Details” dialog and then pushed that firmware to the downstream APs, which each allow traffic from three different SSIDs. These SSIDs:

But after the AP configs were applied and the APs rebooted, things started to get weird. The wireless client list showed clients connecting, but many of them (especially IoT devices) showed that they were connected to one of those SSIDs, but with extra odd characters after the name. I should have only seen three different SSIDs, but I was seeing dozens, all of which started with a valid SSID but then many of which also included those extra characters. Examples, in gray:

But the devices worked…and they were issued IPs in the range associated with the appropriate VLAN based on the first part of the SSID.

I rebooted the APs and many of the clients but no change. I eventually pushed firmware “3.6.2 build 1938” to the downstream APs and the problem went away.

Anyone have any idea what is up? I am not sure if this a Balance issue or a Pepwave issue, but tagging as Balance since that is where I see it.


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@scuba_steve ,

We tried to reproduce the issue but no luck to reproduce it :worried:.

Can you please open a ticket and allow us to further investigate ? We may need a diagnostic report from the device also possible to upgrade 1 APs only and see whether you able to see the issue again ? If you able to see the problem, please include the AP info in the ticket and we will further check.

Appreciate if you can help us to further investigate the issue.


I am having the same issue.

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@thebigbeav - Thanks for posting/confirming.

@sitloongs - I will reproduce this weekend, when traffic on that network is lighter