Weighted Balance

Hello Guys!

I saw a lot of discussions regarding weighted balance , since I am new to this I have simple question that I couldn’t find the answer on those discutions.

WAN 1 4 Mb
WAN 2 1.5 Mb

And the order is to load 10 on WAN1 and 3 on WAN 2 meaning 100% first 30% for the second connection the question is what happenes if WAN 1 goes down will it use the second link fully or still it consider 30% ?

What I am thinking is WAN 2 is more stable I want to keep as backup once WAN 1 is not available but at the same time I would like to use fully WAN 1 when it’s available and beside that 30% WAN2 to jus thave more speed and when WAN 1 is not available WAN 2 should work 100% as back so does it work like that ? or I should go for Priority algorithm ?


All traffics will route to WAN2 if WAN1 is down.

May i know everything work fine with your setup (Internet access experience) ? If yes, then you are good to go with your current configuration.

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