Weighted Balance Outbound Policy for PepVPN connections

Hi there,

We have found that using SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding works great when the two LTE connections are fast, but when one LTE connection is slow it slows the entire bond down significantly.

What we would like to be able to do is setup two PepVPN connections to two different datacenter instances of FusionHub. We would set the Outbound Policy to load balance and include both PepVPN connections in the load balance configuration (and remove WAN connections, so all traffic is routed over the PepVPN connections).

That way a slowdown on one LTE provider would only affect some traffic and not all, but we would still be able to ensure all traffic passes over the PepVPN tunnels.

Basically we just want the option to include PepVPN tunnels in the load balance outbound policy. At preset they can only be used in the priority and enforced outbound policies.

Is this possible via a workaround or a planned feature?