WebUI Won't recognize password

My Peplink router won’t recognize my password. I was forced to hit the hard reset button and configure everything again. Just to make sure no errors were made from my side I used the same password for my router as before. I logged out and logged back in again to make sure it all works and it did. Next day WebUI won’t let me login again. Tells me my username and/or password are incorrect. They are not incorrect. Anyone know why my router isn’t allowing me to log into the WebUI?

No idea. but i would suggest you download your active config once you have everything setup as you like it in case you need to o this in the future so you can restore your config quickly.


Hello @Declan,
If your device is connected to InControl2, then the password can be recovered / managed from there.
If someone else has your device serial number in their InControl2, then your need to contact who you brought you Peplink device from and ask them to release the serial number from thier system.
Have a look in the knowledge base we mentioned in the previous response to secure your device.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks. I just hit the reset button and started from scratch. Fingers are crossed this time.