Weboost (wilson) 311228 yagi antenna?

Is anyone using one or two Weboost (Wilson) 311228 yagi antenna(s) with a pepwave? How is the performance compared to other yagi antennas you’ve tried? Price is on the high side, and I’m curious if it would be worthwhile.
Gain is listed as only 11.2 to 13.1 dBi gain and I haven’t found specific gains for different bands such as 1700/2100.

I’m currently using a pair of these 15 dBi gain antennas which are a bit loose at the connection between the antenna halfs, but other than that have performed stunningly well. https://www.amazon.com/Periodic-Directional-Antenna-15dbi-698MHz-2700MHz/dp/B075C8FX3S/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=yagi+antenna&qid=1631506374&sr=8-10

Wondering if the more expensive Wilson 311228 would do even better, or worse. Thinking of adding another pair of yagis to a second pepwave.