[Webinars] PCA 8.4: Unveiling Peplink's Newest Certification

We are thrilled to unveil our latest certification offering: Peplink Certified Associate (PCA 8.4). Following the resounding success of our PCE and PCSS courses, this certification serves as a crucial stepping stone, bridging the foundational Peplink knowledge covered in the PCSS course and the technical expertise gained in the PCE course.

The PCA 8.4 course features 5 comprehensive modules accompanied by extensive training material. You can then achieve official certification by successfully completing quizzes at the end of each module.

To embark on this journey with you, we will be covering all modules across 4 separate 4-hour webinar training sessions held on January 9th & 23rd, and February 13th & 27th.

Webinar Trainings

  • January 9th & 23rd, February 13th & 27th, 2024
  • 10 AM CST / 5 PM CET
  • View in your time zone
  • We will record all live sessions. Register to receive the recordings and the slides a few days after each session.

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If you have a question for us to answer during the webinar, feel free to send it to [email protected]


Can you tell me more about the PCA certification?

For detailed information about our PCA program, please visit our training portal.

Can I invite my friends and colleagues to take the exam?

Yes. Please share the registration link with them.

I am an end-user. Should I take the course and the exam?

Yes. Taking this course will equip you with fundamental knowledge of Peplink’s ecosystem and technologies, which can help you when using our devices and services. What’s more, if you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate and a virtual badge.

Is this different from the PCE certification?

Yes. The PCA certification is a intermediate-level course and exam positioned in between the PCSS and PCE certifications.

Is it possible to get a PCA badge without taking the exam?

Even if you have taken the course, you will have to pass the exam to be certified and obtain the badge.

Is it enough to pass the PCA exam by just attending the webinar?

If you have no experience in using Peplink products, you may need to learn more about them through information and materials available on www.peplink.com.

Additionally, you may need hands-on experience for Modules 3 & 4. To assist you, you will be eligible for our Beta Program upon successful completion of Module 1, which allows you to purchase a select Peplink device at a discounted price.

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If you would like to review the webinar, you can watch the recordings here:

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