WEBCAM question


I have several webcams behind my router… accessible to the world via a dyndns account. See . I am not an expert but with a lot of help I got this to work with my netgear FVS336G.

Is there any “guide” to how to get this to work with the peplink balance 20?

What I know how to do is etup my dyndns account with the WAN the cameras will be “enforced” to… and also I have defined separate IP addresses and port number associated for each camera. I am just not sure of the remaining steps to make them “visible” to the world with the balance 20.

Thanks in advance for any help.


This is covered in the user manual and you can download it here:

If the modem is in bridged mode or forwarding everything to the Balance, you can configure your Peplink to forward these unique ports to the specified private IP addresses of the cameras.

HI… is that in the INBOUND ACCESS section (15)?

Correct. You can also use the firewall feature in the Balance for controlling access if you choose to. This is in section 19.