WebAdmin more info on Welcome Page Feature request


it happens a lot that we have multiple devices online at the same time. Sometime we spent too much time trying to connect to a device and finaly notice we are not on the good ip (Device).
It would really help if the welcome page could include de Device Name and serial Number.


This will indirectly discourse the device info for unauthorized access request. May not be a good practice for security :thinking:.


I understand why you’re asking for it - there are times I’ve wished i could tell what the device serial is from the UI too, but its a very bad idea from a security perspective.

All too often web admin pages are left open to the public internet - Shodan shows 775 of them after a simple search.

If those web interfaces had (often descriptive) device names and serial numbers displayed on the web ui it would be much easier for the bad guys to target the juicy ones and to social engineer access to them.

Even when we are sure that we’ll keep our web ui’s private, we can always make mistakes…


Hi @XanaxOnline92,

You can add information yourself to the login page, but as others have indicated, this is NOT something that Peplink are likely to introduce as a standard.

To add this yourself, first login to the router - I’m going to show this from the “LAN” side of the device, but of course this could be via InControl of the WAN IP address.

I’m logging in to

I login to the device with the username and password and the URL shows as :

I need to change this URL by deleted “Index.cgi” and everything to the right, replacing it with “Support.cgi” - as shown below:- Press enter and the page will change.

Scroll down and you’ll see:-

Click the link to add some text :-

Click the Apply button.

The next time to see the login screen this test is shown:-

I hope this helps,