Webadmin access to the LAN from WAN where IP forwarding is enabled



The cellular interface of Max-Br1 is connected to the Private APN. There is no Peplink unit at the central site and no any VPN tunnel is used.
NAT is disabled (IP forwarding enabled) on the cellular WAN interface. LAN interface of MAX-Br1 can be pinged from the central site. But, we could not success web-admin access to the LAN interface from the central or WAN side.
What is your comment?


To access web admin from the central site you are actually coming into the cellular interface correct? If so, you need to allow web admin access from the WAN under: System> Admin Security> Admin Settings. Browsing to the cellular IP address from the central site using the correct port should then bring up web admin.


Hi Ron,
NAT disabled (IP forwarding) on Cellular interface means LAN interface can be accessable from the Central site. Our customer said that I can ping LAN interface , but not access its webadmin via LAN.
Please review diagram below.
Is it right? When web admin access enabled on the Cellular interface, connection for web access will be terminated on thr cellular interface?
Peplink should support web admin access via LAN interface when connection initiated from WAN network?


For this scenario you are actually hitting the cellular interface. will work with web admin set to HTTPS and have it enabled on the LAN/WAN.


Hi Ron,
So your answer is not related to access to (LAN) from
Is it possible to add this feature?