Web Proxy BR1


I want to be able to foward all the traffic coming from users connected to a Peplink MAX BR1 router to a specific server.

I tried to set the Web Proxy but it’s not working. :confused:
Maybe I need to set other parameters but I dont know what.

Thank you for your help

HI Ilan,

Do allow me to clarify something with you:-

  1. Existing user’s browser point to which proxy server?

  2. Where is the proxy server you wish to forward to?

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Hi there,

and thanks for your fast answer !

What I am trying to achieve is a transparent proxy. So the users should not have anything to set in the browser. So I want to proxy their requests to an external server (not the router itself).

Again thank you for your great support.

Hi Ilan,

Our Web Proxy Forwarding is not design on such way. Web proxy forwarding is used to intercept the proxy server session defined in user web browser then forward to another proxy server.

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Thank you for the details.

Maybe I will try an other solution.

I already have a VPN Server.
I would like to know if I can use the BR1 as a VPN client ?

As fas as I understand, the PepVPN feature is about to set the router as a VPN server ?

Hi Ilan,

PepVPN works within Peplink/Pepwave devices.

BR1 can’t act as VPN client. However it can establish Site to site VPN with others brand like Cisco, Juniper.

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Ok I understand, thank you.

Would you help me know how to configure a Site to Site VPN, and make all the web traffic only go there ?

If yes, can we have a static private IP address ?

Please refer to the following KB articles.

System Requirement for SpeedFusion Configuration

Configuring SpeedFusion Site-to-Site VPN for Star Scenario (It’s not a star scenario in your case, but this is the image of how to set up Peplink/Pepwave S2S VPN.)

Can I route Internet traffic to VPN peers? (You can specify only TCP:80 and 443 for VPN tunnel.)

Hope this clarifies the matters.

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