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I’m using Peplink Balance 580 (5 line internet)
there is a problem recently,
when I config weighted balance 0:10:0:0:0 , it’s OK
but when I increase just one (or 2,3,4,5) more line (ex 10:10:0:0:0), it’s not OK :
Ex : I log in webmail World Client , it logs out immediately . so i can not login wordclient to check mail.
Please help,
Thanks and best regard !


I believe your webmail is using protocol HTTPS. If so, please ensure the HTTPS Persistence rule is the top priority as below.

Hope this help.


I examine this issue with each line one
It’s Ok when using just one line (any line) and there is problem when using 2 or more
the webmail is using protocol HTTP
before still applies


Look like the webmail server doesn’t accept different source IP for the same client connection. I suggest using Priority rule to route the traffic for webmail. Please find the screenshot below:-


Thank you so much !
but also a small issue, I creates a new rule like your screenshot , Algorithm is enforced, but it’s not working if Destination is “Domain name”,
so I change it to IP address and it works



May i know what is the firmware version running for the Balance 580 ? Beside that may i know Balance 580 act as the local DNS server for the LAN client ?

Thank You


Model Peplink Balance 580
Firmware 5.4.9 build 2573
DNS server run on a Windows Server.
Thank you


LAN client needs to use Balance 580’s LAN IP as DNS server. If this is not possible, please remain using destination IP instead of domain name.


Clients use Balance 580’s LAN IP as DNS server + Destination is domain name : it’s not impossible .
My network : Lan - firewall - peplink balace
Thank you !


Understood. Please remain using outbound rule with destination IP.

Hope this help.