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I’m using Peplink Balance 580 (5 line internet)
there is a problem recently,
when I config weighted balance 0:10:0:0:0 , it’s OK
but when I increase just one (or 2,3,4,5) more line (ex 10:10:0:0:0), it’s not OK :
Ex : I log in webmail World Client , it logs out immediately . so i can not login wordclient to check mail.
Please help,
Thanks and best regard !

I believe your webmail is using protocol HTTPS. If so, please ensure the HTTPS Persistence rule is the top priority as below.

Hope this help.

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I examine this issue with each line one
It’s Ok when using just one line (any line) and there is problem when using 2 or more
the webmail is using protocol HTTP
before still applies

Look like the webmail server doesn’t accept different source IP for the same client connection. I suggest using Priority rule to route the traffic for webmail. Please find the screenshot below:-

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Thank you so much !
but also a small issue, I creates a new rule like your screenshot , Algorithm is enforced, but it’s not working if Destination is “Domain name”,
so I change it to IP address and it works


May i know what is the firmware version running for the Balance 580 ? Beside that may i know Balance 580 act as the local DNS server for the LAN client ?

Thank You

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Model Peplink Balance 580
Firmware 5.4.9 build 2573
DNS server run on a Windows Server.
Thank you

LAN client needs to use Balance 580’s LAN IP as DNS server. If this is not possible, please remain using destination IP instead of domain name.

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Clients use Balance 580’s LAN IP as DNS server + Destination is domain name : it’s not impossible .
My network : Lan - firewall - peplink balace
Thank you !

Understood. Please remain using outbound rule with destination IP.

Hope this help.


Thanks and best reagard !