Web Content Blocking


How do I de-activate Web Content Blocking, I have several clients that can no longer access Amazon Prime for watching movies and others who cannot access their content on Netflix. Some are getting a message stating the is a Proxy Detected and it needs to be turned off for Netflix to work, also that they are located in AU. We are in California.

I have all of my subnets exempted and content blocking on custom with nothing checked. I also have all my user groups on exempt status. The issue persists. My device event log states Web Blocking: Activated

I need to de-activate it

I have a Peplink 380 with Version 7 firmware. Everything was fine until I updated the content filtering database 4 days ago.

This has become an urgent issue for me, I will need to program another Peplink if I cannot resolve this issue today.

Thank you



Below is the default settings with Content Blocking disabled.

Hope this helps.