Web browser routing when wan failed

We’re experimenting the following situation witha balance 30:

  1. WAN1 fails and balancer detects it
  2. Traffic is routed though WAN2 and WAN3
  3. Some users logged in a webpage and using google chrome got loading timeouts, even if they click F5 or reload button
  4. If those users pulse Shift+Control+R (force reload) the page get loaded correctly

My question is…forcing reload in chrome makes peplink to stablish a new connection and a new route?
if not forced reload is done (only normal reload), peplink router keeps sending packet to down link?

Forced reload is not necessary because the Peplink will automatically route new requests out a healthy WAN connection.
Keep in mind that if it is an https session than it will break and you will need to re-establish over the new connection.

Ok. That’s our point. Our web ERP is over https… I’m thinking about wan bonding all the office wan to a datacenter, would it be transparent to a https user if one wan fails?

If your web ERP is using https then it will of course break if that WAN fails because it will be using a new IP address to re-establish the session.

The only way to achieve session persistence is to use our SpeedFusion unbreakable VPN technology, and that requires a Peplink Balance 210 or higher at the office and also at the datacenter.