Web Blocking


I have given a user a DHCP reservation inorder to list him in a specific user group.

When I assign him to a specific user group and then block a website for that group, he still has access becuse he is still part of another user group due to the fact that all users with dhcp reservations are part of the other group.

Any ideas?

Got you. Any particular reason we want to have different access privilege for one user group and for all DHCP reservation users?

If we are using DHCP reservation to segment users into different user groups then they all will be overridden by the access defined for all DHCP reservation users.

Please tell us what you want to achieve and we will work this out for you?


In general all user with reservations are there to allow them full access without the firewall rules blocking them from any ports. (I use the assigned IP to allow then access to all ports.)

There are now different users i want to block from facebook etc.

But when I assign them to the staff group to block the site they remain part of the other group becuase of being a dhcp reservation

Understood. Although the LAN IPs now fit the definitions of two different groups - Staff and DHCP Reservation groups. The Staff group, with a smaller and more specific subnet, should have higher precedence and override the DHCP Reservation group definition for these IPs.

Do you mind sharing some screen captures of your config? If everything is setup right, then we might have to open support ticket and take a closer look.