Web blocking to support IPs in URLs

I wish I could add blocking rules to the Peplink like this…

Deny http://...0
Deny http://
Deny http://
Deny http://
.*.*3 … etc, through 9

or as a regex…
Deny ^http://\d+.\d+.\d+.\d+(/|$)

All authentic websites now-a-days have a registered domain to them: http://example.com
Thus, there is never any real need for end-users to visit sites by IP:
…and any site that has a url, img, or flash object referenced by IP is commonly going to be a source of badware.
Many of us are using a DNS based blacklist/whitelist solution; internal DNS server, DNS Redirector (software), OpenDNS (service), NortonDNS (service) to achieve Internet filtering, but we need the firewall to block all visits to sites via IP (only inspecting port 80, 3128, 8080)

Please take this into consideration, I could sell allot more Peplink’s if this feature worked. Firewalls like the ZyWALL USG, and others that do HTTP inspection can accomplish this. Surely, since the Peplink already allows * at the end, it means your code can do this too, if you allow the * to be placed elsewhere.

Hi JPElectron,

This makes sense. We will put this feature in our future firmware releases.


Awesome!! :smiley:

Just found the need to do this.

Did this ever make it into a firmware?

We have added this feature to 6.0.1 firmware feature list, the GA firmware will be available in Q2 2013.

Excellent, thank you!