Web Blocking - Surf Soho Mk3 - 8.1.0

Just seeking clarification, the help file in the Advanced->Firewall->Content Blocking menu indicates “The device will inspect and look for blocked domain names on all HTTP and HTTPS traffic.”
Does “all traffic” mean both incoming AND outgoing traffic or does it only block incoming traffic from each specified domain?

Yes and No. Since unsolicited inbound traffic is normally blocked (unless doing port forwarding) this blocking only needs to be concerned with outbound traffic. This, if something is blocked outbound, it can never come back in. Thus, the Yes and No answer.
The down side of this blocking is that it can’t be logged in the on-device logs. Not sure what, if anything, would show up in the off-device URL logging if a Content Blocking rule blocked something.

Thank you for the reply. If it is supposed to block outgoing traffic then it does not appear to be working. I have added the domain googleads.g.doubleclick.net to the Customized Domain list, saved and applied, but OpenDNS still shows many requests to that domain from my public IP.

I was seeing outbound URL blocks in logs written to a syslog server I had running on my LAN. I forget which log file it was but I do recall resolving some Facebook issues my wife was having after seeing her iPad getting blocked to various Facebook domains like fb.me.

I no longer enable URL logging since I started using NextDNS oN my LAN.

Glad to know the blocks are logged too. We must think alike, I am a big fan of NextDNS too.

Mis-understanding. Content blocking blocks HTTP and HTTPS. It does not block DNS. The DNS requests get made, but the web pages should not load. You could block just doubleclick.net and that will block anything that ends with doubleclick.net.