Web blocking issue

On Windows 7 using Chrome, I logged into my firmware 6.1.2 Surf SOHO and blocked a domain, lets call it abc.com. After applying changes, I was still able to access this domain from Google Chrome. To make sure the update took, I then started Firefox and it was blocked from accessing abc.com. To make sure it wasn’t a timing issue, I shut down Firefox, went back to the still-running copy of Chrome and was still able to view new web pages at abc.com. I logged out of the router and was still able to access abc.com via Chrome.

This was all on one computer. There were no exempted subnets. All requests were HTTP, the doc clearly says that web blocking does not apply to HTTPS.

Any chance chrome was caching the page you were hitting for the domain - did you hit ctrl-f5 for a full page refresh/reload? Try blocking another domain as a test - one you haven’t visited before in your chrome browser, then once blocked open chrome and try and browse to it to see what happens…

It certainly seems that something is being cached, but it was not specific web pages at the blocked domain. I was careful to bring up different pages while testing. I did not hit ctrl-F5, my bad. As you suggested, I blocked a new site that had never been visited before in Chrome. I also cleared out everything from the Chrome cache. And, the blocking worked fine.

My guess is that it was the DNS resolution that was cached. Would that explain things? On the one hand it makes sense. But on the other hand, if web blocking keys off DNS, then it should also be able to block HTTPS requests. Thanks.

This is something that frequently trips me up too with chrome. I do a lot of web design and debugging using chrome as a browser. Chrome is very good at caching content from all sources of a webpage - source content that can actually come from multiple remote servers/URLS. I’ll make changes to a websites source code and then not see the desired updated results on a page refresh - because chrome has cached everything. Ctrl-F5 becomes second nature once that happens enough times to ruin your day believe me :slight_smile:

The fact that the website was blocked in firefox immediately after you applied the setting makes me confident that you have suffered from a similar chrome content caching scenario. Web blocking actually uses Deep Packet Inspection so after it was applied no unencrypted traffic would have been received from the blocked website. Any content you saw after the block must have been cached.

Kindest, Martin

I have seen the same behaviour. I also saw that chrome can cause issues.

By the way, any chance to get HTTPS domains to be blocked too?


You may configure Outbound Firewall Rule with Domain Name. Please ensure client DNS server IP is same as Surf Soho LAN IP.