Web Blocking freezes Balance One


My Balance One (6.1.2 build 1597) freezes as soon as I enter more than four domains in Web Blocking. After I press the “save” button, the Apply does not turn highlighted.
The Status is green, no traffic can go through, SSI/Web GUI are not available. Restart did not solve the problem. No reaction even for hardware reset button…
After a long-long fight I was able to reset the router. After a few hours I was able to enter the GUI (very slow response, still no traffic through) and reset the router from its menu. But even this one must have been done two times.
I tested it at least four times and it definitely stops working at entering four (Ok, maybe five… cannot remember) domains.
I did not try firmware downgrade or beta.

Only my router has this problem or it is a common issue?


It sounds like you may have a defective device, please open a support ticket for further investigation:

Dear Tim,

Thank you. I did so.