Web blocking exempt by IP

We are unable to commmunicate to a specific external IP through a Balance router running 7.0. We suspect the IP is mistakenly being blocked as one of the categories we have selected in Web Blocking because the outside vendor is aware that they have been blacklisted by some providers. The asked us to put their IP on our whitelist.

Network | Content Blocking | Web Blocking has a space for “exempted domains from web blocking.” We do not have an actual domain name for this destination, we only have a numeric IP. The Firmware will not accept an IP in this space.

How else can I prevent a destination from being blocked? If I put the IP in Firewall | Access Rules | Outbound Firewall as “allow” will that prevent any of the other filters such as Web Blocking from stopping the communication?

What do you get when you do a reverse lookup on their IP? Most places/domains have a placeholder record for every IP. Even if it is a 1-22-68-67.in-appr.net type of address.


Exempted destination IP from Web Blocking tentatively will be supported start with firmware version 7.0.1.

You can actually check whether the IP is listed in the block list by download the content filtering database and verify the content URLs and IP addresses list.

If the IP is listed:

  • You can temporary disable the corresponding Preset Category.

  • Exempted the user from Web Blocking