Web Blocking disrupts streaming services

I have recently configured a Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 device that is running firmware version 8.0.0 build 1429.

When blocking services such as Adware or Pornography, it appears to disrupt streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. When the services are unchecked and unblocked, the services remain disrupted. For example, Netflix returns an error that it is unable to connect to its servers.

Rebooting the router does not resolve the issue. Oddly enough, when the DNS servers under the WAN connection are changed e.g. to, the service resumes. The issue occurs again when web blocking is enabled.

If web blocking is disabled (unchecked), there is currently no service disruption.

This seems to be an anomaly and it would be useful to understand the cause of the issue since web blocking cannot be enabled at the moment.

I don’t know exactly why this happens but can suggest a work-around. Not that I have tried it.
The Surf SOHO can trace every public IP address a device tries to access. Do that for the device running Netflix when it fails. If the list of subnets that Netflix tried to access is not too large, make each subnet exempt from content blocking.

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Thanks Michael. That doesn’t work either i.e. creating an exemption. The issue appears to be DNS resolution.