Web Blocking DB Auto-Update?


Hello! I’m reviewing the event log on my Surf SOHO (MK3, FW 7.1.1) and noticed the following event: “Dec 25 21:59:39 Web blocking: An update for Web blocking DB is available.” However, I see no indication of whether the update occurred, or if I need to take some action to complete it.

Could someone clarify for me? Thank you!


Hello MrT,

The SOHO will only check for an updated DB. You will need to manually run the update. You can do this from Status > Device > System Information. Next to the Content Filtering Database you will see blue text that says Download (rDATE). When an update is posted you’ll also find Update in blue text.

Clicking on the update text will show you what’s changed. A scroll bar may not show but usually you can scroll down to find more updates. Click the Update button to complete the update process.

The update time will depend on how up to date your DB is, but this still shouldn’t take to long.


Perfect. I shall await the update option!

Have a Happy New Year!