Web admin denied

Hello guys,

I am using a pepwave max HD2 for doing VPN site to site connection. The VPN works good.
The problem i have concern the WAN web admin access, in System–>admin security–> i proceeded as follow:[TABLE=“class: form_table, width: 1”]





[TR=“class: mgt_port_only”]
CLI SSH Access

			LAN Only 				LAN/WAN 			



			HTTP 				HTTPS 				HTTP / HTTPS 			

Web Admin Port


[TR=“class: mgt_port_only hub_phylan_only”]
Web Admin Access

			LAN Only 				LAN/WAN 			

However the connection to the admin interface still doesnt work through the WAN.
it seems like all what i configure are not taken into account although modifications are saved and then applied in the pepwave.

I have another pepwave used for VPN site to site which works very well with wan admin access.

Could you please help me ?

[TABLE=“class: form_table, width: 1”]
[TR=“class: tabletitle, bgcolor: #000000”]
Device Information
[TR=“class: tablecontent2, bgcolor: #E6E6EB”]

Pepwave MAX HD2


6.2.2 build 3008




Are you trying to access the device using the WAN IP locally, remotely or on the otherside of the VPN?

If accessing it remotely I would ensure that the WAN IP is able to be pinged (Assuming it is a Static Public).

You may want to open a support ticket so we can go over more in depth information or PM me the details of the IP’s of the WAN that is being used.

Hello Jarid,
As i am in a vpn tunnel i try to access the device remotly using the LAN IP. The lan Ip is also pinged remotly without any problem.

I dont know the public ip wan, because the device is connected through the wan WIFI with a captif portail.

My vpn tunnel is built with dynamic IP from this side.
Do you thing a firewall located in the middle could bloque my http admin connection?
Thank you


  1. Please ensure remote LAN IP route into correct path. You may perform trace route to confirm.

  2. Please ensure Default rule of Internal Network Firewall Rules set as Allow.

It’s already set as allow for **Internal Network Firewall Rules **and remote LAN IP is routed into correct path. Ping is OK.
But i still don’t have admin access remotly :frowning:
Any other idea please ?


Please open ticket for us to check further. Can’t guess anymore here.

Thank you.