Web Admin Demo's

I would like to request Peplink to keep actively updating the Web Admin Demo’s.

The currently shown firmware is 6.3.0 for both the Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX demo’s.
I regularly use the Web Admin Demo’s for selling Peplink/Pepwave products.
It’s a shame that I can’t easily show (potential) customers all the possibilities that came with firmware 7.

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It would also be extremely useful if there were a Web Admin Demo for Surf On The Go’s as it differs from the Max and Balance GUI’s

Thanks Team!

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I just found that web demo last night and found it very helpful for exploring the UI before my Balance One Core shows up on Sunday. That said, I could not find any way to tie physical ports to vlans. Is that not supported in that particular demo environment?

I expect that’s because there are no ports for the demo firmware to configure. There is a guide in the knowledgebase section on here:


Thanks Martin. Good stuff.