Web Admin Access through IPsec VPN?

An IPsec VPN has been set up between my LAN (behind an ASA) and a remote LAN (behind a Peplink 30). Admin Access has been set to LAN/WAN. Pings to the Private IP of the Peplink are successful, but Admin Access is not available from my LAN using either the Public or Private IP of the Peplink.

Admin Access does work from outside the LAN using the Public IP of the Peplink. For security, would like to administer the Peplink through the VPN using the Private IP. Is that possible?

It could be the router in front of the ASA that blocking https traffic. Do you have access list that blocking? Are you able to access any https site from your LAN?

It sounds to me that everything is set up alright. Let’s submit a support ticket on http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/? Because I believe we will need a diagnostic report to look closer.

Agreed – the VPN bypasses normal rules and allows all traffic between the two sites. Ticket #729756 has been submitted.

Got it. To speed things up could you please send in a diagnostic report after a few attempts to connect on private IP through the IPSec tunnel? I believe we will need it along the way so might as well do it now.

I was actually thinking of this too first I saw the post but that dropped as I read on. Thanks Kelley.

No problem Kurt :slight_smile:

Hi Kurt,

As requested, a Diagnostic Report has been submitted after a couple of connection attempts. The only option I could see was to create a new ticket, so it was submitted as #729801.



We have update Dave, you will be able to access web admin page through IPSec VPN in firmware 5.4. It is expected to be out in a couple of weeks now.

Please stay tuned :slight_smile: