Web Admin Access From Static IP cellular LAN


Hello there,

Sorry for the basic question, but hoping someone can help. I recently received a Sprint SIM card with a static IP address. The BR1 see that IP address without an issue and I have access using In Control. I’ve setup the router to allow admin access via the LAN, but I am unable to access it via the static IP from Sprint. Sprint has assured me that all ports are open on that IP and I should not be having an issue. This leads me to believe I need to enter the static IP address somewhere, but I can’t locate it. Can someone help me out?




Hi Scott, have you enabled access from the outside on br1 ? If yes can you try from outside to telnet your pubblic ip with peplink port 80 or 443 , can you open the socket?


Hi Asimula - thanks for your help. I believe I do, see image below. I can’t ping eaither port, both timeout.



Please confirm that the cellular WAN is getting the public IP from Sprint. You can check that at the cellular WAN detail page :slight_smile:

If you getting a private IP for the cellular WAN, make sure you define the specific APN for the cellular WAN inorder to obtain the public IP.


Yes, it gets an IP just fine.


Can you PM me the IP address you got in the cellular WAN?


Sent. Thanks!


@Scott_Johnston, look like the cellular WAN got a public IP address from Sprint. Anyway, I failed to ping the IP. Not sure the cellular WAN still remain the same IP - 24.x.x128 or the IP has been changed. If the public IP remains the same, then Sprint has applied the filtering at their end.

To further confirm this, you may do the Network Capture at http://<LAN IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi as below.

This allows you to confirm whether the packet of inbound web admin access hits the cellular interface. If you can’t see the packets of inbound web admin access from the pcap file (Network Capture’s file), you may need to check with Sprint.

You may contact your point of purchase if you need further help for the Network Capture.


Thanks for your help! This issue has been resolved by Sprint! Thank you for taking the time to help. Have a most excellent day.