We Are experiencing Wifi issues from Different locations

Good morning All,

I am hoping that I am not the only one experiencing this issue.

I have a number of different locations that are experiencing wireless issues.

Some people can connect and others can’t. Each location have different setup.

Some users can connect with their phones , some can connect with laptops, others are getting can not connect to this networks. From windows laptop to mac laptops, any idea?, Anyone else experiencing similar things?

Hi Johny,

The problems described are quite general, I would suggest you to create a support ticket here so our Support Team could go into more specific to address your issue.

Thanks and regards.

I’ve been experiencing similar issues. I have all the latest patches applied on most of my units, balance one and AP one mini and enterprise boxes. What I’ve found is that these will on occassion on wireless most often have DNS issues, as I can sometimes ping boxes just can’t resolve DNS. In some cases, the SSIDs are not discoverable on some units. Physically, for some, the devices remain connected. I have also found in some cases this to be an issue where physically nothing is active for a brief period of time. Very bizarre and weird behaviours to say the least.

Regarding to the DNS can’t resolve issue, may i know when the time you can’t resolve the DNS, the continue ping test connection is smooth without lost ? Beside that, did you monitor the signal strength from the client to the AP ? Do you test before changing the DNS servers ?

Base on the description above, suspect that the issue may related to environmental influence that cause the WIFI & Ethernet connection (Physical connection issue). This may need to investigate from the devices. Can you please open a support ticket here for support team to further check on it ?