WDS up 2 AC One Mini AC

Hi Guys,

I’ve successfully linked up 2 AP One AC Mini with WDS with 2 different SSIDs on each.

The problem is the 2nd AP (SSID2) cannot resolve the DNS, it simply means I was able to ping other sites with IP (eg., but pinging with domain name failed.

Any suggestion ?

  1. Please share your network connectivity flow from User that associated with SSID2 to internet. If you can provide graphical diagram with IP address will be great.

  2. Where the users grab the IP address (including DNS IP) when they associated with SSID2?

Thanks Liew for prompt reply.

  1. Fibre Modem —> AP One AC Mini 1 (SSID1) (PPPOE) <--------> AP One AC Mini 2 (SSID2)
  2. Users connected to SSID2 get the IP from AP One AC Mini 1.



Can you please confirm whether below setup is your current setup?

AP One AC Mini 1 (SSID1) (PPPOE) Routed Mode <–WDS–> Bridge Mode AP One AC Mini 2 (SSID2)

Thank you

Yes Chun Fatt.

Thanks for looking into the problem.


Interesting :p. WDS is working if both AP are configured as Bridge mode. But your case is one as router mode and another as bridge mode. Please open a support ticket for us to take a closer look at your issue.