WDS Issue

Dear Guys,

We are deploying WDS network using 3 AP One AC Mini in our test lab, but we couldn’t be able to get them working fine. We want to use star topology (Point to Multipoint) with one AP as the central AP and the other two connecting to the central AP. the issue is that the central AP can only connect to one of the other APs and not to both of them even though we created two WDS profile on the central AP. by the way beside this issue , is there any document or best practice article regarding how to configure more than 2 AP using WDS?

Please advise.


Hi Hootan,

  1. May I know what is the firmware version for each AP One AC Mini?

  2. Which frequency (2.4 or 5) you used to build WDS?

  3. Please share the screenshots of WDS (AP > WDS) settings for 3 APs. I need to compare the MAC addresses.

Thank you.


  • We tested both firmware 3.5.3 and 3.5.2 for AC Mini.
  • we use 5Ghz frequency band for wds.
  • I don’t have access to screenshot now (because of our weekend), but let me tell you that when I create wds between only two APs everything works fine. so be sure about the way we created wds profiles. but when there would be 3 APs in wds we have problem. what I did is to create two wds profiles on the center AP for the other two APs and on the other two APs I created one wds profile for the central AP. Is that right ?

The Update is that same configuration works perfect when WDS is on 2.4 Ghz Frequency and using firmware 3.5.2. but when WDS is on 5.8Ghz not working.

The Update is that we could successful connect four APs using WDS in start topology on Band 2.4. but I’m positive there is issue when creating WDS on 5.8 band. nothing works as expected when there is more than two APs.


Hi Hootan,

Thanks for the feedback. We encountered similar problem on 5GHz WDS. This will be solved in v3.5.4.

Please use 2.4GHz WDS for the time being.

Thank you.

Dear TK,

What is the time frame for this new firmware ? because we have an ongoing project on 5.8 WDS for backhaul.


v3.5.4 will be available end of this year. If this is urgent, please use the special firmware below with bug fixed of 5GHz WDS without encryption.


If WDS encryption is needed, please use 2.4GHz WDS.

Is this possible to use this firmware on AP Pro Duo ? because that would be the final end-user device.


Hi Hootan,

Based on the feedback, this only affected the AP that support 802.11ac. Please let me know if you have the problem on AP Pro Duo.