WDS Configuration

Hello - we recently bought 2 AP ONE 300M devices and I am looking for any docs on how to get WDS configured. It seems every vendor has a different way of using WDS and the only instruction I could get online is how to add units to the WDS option of the AP ONE’s. We plan of having one AP ONE connected to a BR1 ENT with LTE router and have the other AP ONE unit extend the WIFI coverage. Do I need to configure my Wifi settings on only one of the AP ONE’s and just add the second AP via WDS? Also, can I use WDS to “repeat” one SSID or does each AP need to have a separate SSID?



You may refer here for WDS setup. Of course both APs can use same SSID.

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Hi TK,

The link you are reffering to does not work. Could you upload WDS configuration manual again?


@Wilink_PL, I have updated the URL link. Please try again.