Hello Everyone,

I have several AP Enterprise ONE that are being managed by a Balance ONE and i have added another AP to expand my signal on a specific area. While WDS works, i can see SSIDs and VLAN IDs passing on the AP but when i am trying to connect to any SSID i never get an ip address. If on Balance ONE i change the vlan id to untagged on any SSID then i am able to connect.

Does this make any sense?


i had to manage my AP from the AP and not the router to be able to get VLANs to work on my AP One Enterprise.

The router port connected to the AP needs to be set to Trunk/All VLAN Networks.

I set each SSID to relay with the correct DHCP Server, DHCP Option 82 On, VLAN Pooling On, VLAN Pool to the VLAN.

So it looks:

Balance one to Switch via eth—>AP1 via WDS to AP2

Both ports on switch for balance one and AP1 are set to trunk and allow all vlans to flow.

On AP2 i can see the vlan information passing however when i am trying to connect i dont get a dhcp address.