Way to remove yourself from an IC2 group/organization

A useful feature for IC2 would be a way to remove yourself from an IC2 group or organization. Currently getting removed from an IC2 account requires an admin of the account to do the removal but you cannot remove yourself regardless of how many other admins there are.
Would there be a way to add in the ability to remove yourself as long as there are other admins?
Or in the case there are no remaining organization admins, maybe use a confirmation window that states the Organization will be removed along with all the historical data etc if the admin removal is confirmed. This could possibly be delayed similar to the way removing all devices from an organization delays removing the organization.

This could be useful for employees moving within the same company and no longer needing access, employees leaving a company and having used their personal email in setting up IC2 and no longer wanting to have access or any other sort of temporary access where the temporary user never gets removed and needs to remove themselves.


I agree. This sounds very useful for us too.

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Hello @FrontierComputerCorp,
There is another way, you can raise a Support Ticket with Peplink and ask them to remove you from an organisation. We have done that on the rare occasion it has been necessary.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: