Watchdog Email Date

When the MAX BR1 Mini sends out an email for auto reboot or loss of connection, it has a date in the text of 2017. Yahoo is rejecting the email saying the date is too far in the past or future and must be spam. The time is correct on the router. Not sure I checked if the date was correct but since it is syncing I would assume the date is correct on the router. Is there a way to edit the canned message that is send from Watchdog or whatever is generating those emails?


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@Brian_Wall could you share that “canned message” (with private details being masked) with us for a better understanding?

BTW, which BR1 Mini (HW1/2 or HW3) and the firmware is running?

Or, you can submit a ticket for our team to check?

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This one happens to be from from an HW3, running 8.4 Another is a HW1 running 8.3.

This is an automated message generated from MAX_BR1_XXXX (Peplink MAX BR1 Mini: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX running 8.4.0 build 5075).

Sun Dec 31 19:02:30 EST 2017
Current health status for all WAN:

Cellular: Connected (IP: XXX.XXX.182.143)

Peplink |
Dec 31, 2017

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@Brian_Wall thanks for the feedback and the details, we will look at it and come back to you.

BTW, I have masked (edited) your device S/N as this is a public post.

@Brian_Wall Based on our checking, it could possibly be the email notification was sent right after the device was rebooted and before the time sync was completed.

Sample of Notification before the time sync is successful.

If your devices are not the case, please submit a ticket to let us investigate. Do quote this forum thread so the support team is aware of the background.

I checked several of the emails and that does appear to be the case. The disconnect and reconnect emails have the correct time/date but the weekly reboot connect messages have the unsynced time/date.

Now we know the root cause, is there a fix? A way to delay the status emails upon rebooting until the system time is updated.