Warranty Questions for Balance 30


I saw on the InControl2 post earlier today that warranty is required for InControl2. I did not realize until reading that post that warranty will also be required for upgrade to firmware 6.1.

  1. What will happen to those of us who are beta testing 6.1, but are out of warranty?
  2. I looked on the store page, but don’t see a warranty purchase option for the 20/30, only the bigger routers.

Your clarification is appreciated.

Hello Caleb,

Thanks for your feedback, we’ve strengthened the warranty requirement message on several touchpoints. As for your questions:

  1. You will have a grace period to get your devices in warranty. During the grace period, your out-of-warranty machines will still work. The grace period lasts until February 1
  2. We are currently working on the warranty cart, you will know as soon as it’s ready.

Best Regards - Alan