Warranty Purchase

Does anybody know what warranty item I select to purchase for Device Model: Pepwave BR1 Max 617B ?

My serial number doesn’t seem to match selected items.


Hmmm. Your seller/partner/dealer should be able to help you with this and that’s the best way to proceed. However, if that fails If you can tell us what the model (not serial) number is that would be a good start. You can find that on the silver-colored tag on the bottom of the case or on the UI at Status → System Information → Product Code.

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My reseller is not helpful.
Okay, I dismounted the device to access the back label…
Product Code MAX-BR1-LTE-US-T

Is it correct that I need warranty activation for remote use with the InControl app?

Thank you

No. An IC2 subscription is available without warranty. However, if a warranty is in effect IC2 is included. The product codes are ICS-012 for one year IC2 and ICS-024 for two years.

See here … https://store.peplink.com/cloud-solutions/incontrol2-device-management.html .

Sorry to hear that your seller is not helpful. Not good.

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