Warranty on Backup Devices

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We have always kept our core devices under warranty for easy returns or at least with an InControl2 subscription for remote management.

The problem for us is stocking backup devices from Peplink and keeping those backup devices under warranty until they are needed. We don’t do this with every device, only our core equipment. As we cannot wait for cross-shipping times on those devices.

Can Peplink provide a way for us to keep those devices under warranty but not in a deployed status under InControl2? We do notice we can keep the device registered to InControl2 under warranty and offline but, that is a little annoying seeing the red offline icon for those devices.

Can Peplink provide a section in InControl 2 where we can host those backup devices that are under warranty but not deployed yet? Also, being able to keep tabs on their warranty status with the option for us to upgrade them the same way we can with our deployed devices in InControl2.

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As a work around could you make a separate group in Ic2 to hold the spare devices in? Disable alerts and just tell people it is safe to ignore any down/offline devices in that group?


Definitely worth a try, as we’re always presented with the Organization view first. Thanks for the advice.

Hello Brent (@BrentD),
We do something very similar to William (@WillJones), thou it is not just a separate group, it is in a separate organisation. If the devices are owned by a customer, then we created a separate group in their organisation, and name that group appropriately. Inside these groups, we disable all firmware and configurations updates from InControl2, that way if a device gets power on, it will show through its setting will not be changed.
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