Warranty expired. Firmware upgrade possible from 5.x to 6.x?


from this url Peplink | Pepwave - Forum
i read that i can obtained the Unlock Key, but it’s possibile if my warranty is expired?

I tried to add my peplink balance 20, but i obtain message is “Already registred”.

Can you help me?


Please PM your serial number to me and I will look into this. Thanks.

My Peplink Balance Serial Number in question, is 1824-4DB2-21C0. Can I update my firmware from 5.1 to 6

WildBillWC, you have an original rev1 Balance 310 that is almost 6 years old and cannot be upgraded past 5.x firmware. Thanks.

Hello Tim,

I have same problem with device: 1824-7233-96D5

This is a Balance 580. What kind of problem are you having?

Sorrty, for 580, with serial number: 1824-9ECB-8550 I can not preform upgrade, as it says, allready added ? how to resolve this ?

This device has already been registered, where did you get it from?

e-bay about 1 year ago…

I followed up with you via your PM, you should be good to go now.