Want to help a newbie set up? Max700

Hello all, I acquired a Max 700 for bandwidth aggregation and would like some help setting it up. Here’s the desired usage profile:

Aggregating 2 cable lines (400 down /10 up each) and as many sims (would have to be dongles or tethers as no sims slots are provided) as needed to get a speed of 40/40. The important thing is the up speed, as I’m connecting to teach and need to stay connected to classrooms and not drop groups of students. Is that possible with a Max 700 Hw revision 2, 8.1.1 firmware, pep vpn 9.1.0? Two teachers need to be on at a time, and each teacher needs about 20 up and 20 down for it to work well.

I have a Speedfusion Cloud account already, but not too sure if I’m doing it right to aggregate the lines. Have both cable lines on Priority 1, with outbound policy set to weighted balance 10:10:0:0:0:0.

What I’ve been able to get so far has been through reading this forum for a few months. I’m not a tech, but trying to learn how to do this as teaching online is my business now and we just moved into an area with limited connectivity. We are, however, right next to a cell tower. So far, I’m getting 30 down, (rarely 55) and 15-20 up using speedtest.net multi connection through the Peplink…

Tried introducing sims (of various providers, no mobile virtual networks) into the mix by tethering or hotspotting them to the Peplink, but that seems to slow the connection down considerably. On it’s own, my sims run 15-45 down and 20-50 up. I have a load of good quality dongles, but, unfortunately, they are not supported by Peplink :frowning: I suspect the solution lies in using the 4 USB ports on the Max 700.

Any Ideas?