Want to access work network (Max BR1) from one laptop on remote Max Transit

I set up speedfusion connect relay with work router as service and remote router as client. Exactly like this:

I set up a “route by wifi SSID” to create a separate WiFi network here at remote site so I can connect to it when I want to act like I am sitting in the office with this laptop.

This is working in the sense that my traffic is being relayed through office. If I run whatismyip.com I get an IP address local to my work office even though I am out of the country. I can access streaming services and such that I can’t access with public IP at my remote location.

But what I really want is to be able to connect to my work office LAN as if I am sitting in the office. I want ot be able to access the NAS and printer and etc. It isn’t clear to me if I ALSO need a PepVPN setup or if I shoudl be able to do this with just SpeedFusion relay.

At this moment both routers have the same internal IP address and range Is this a problem? Do the two networks need different addresses?

I’m not a network engineer and the various Peplink products and services are confusing to me. THanks for any help.