WANs sometimes used, sometimes not, in speedtest

I have a Balance 50 and have been using it for a couple of years. There is a current problem and I’m not sure how to determine if it is my ISP or my Peplink.

When I look at my real time graph on my Web Admin pages while running a speed test I can see the 4 WANs I use plus their aggregate. The best speed I get with the four 10 mbps dsl connections is around 39. Pretty often of late WAN3 and sometimes WAN4 don’t show any activity. Could this be a problem with my Peplink? Is there a fairly straightforward way to test it.

It seem very possible this is due to my ISP but I’d like to be able to assess my Peplink to make sure it is the ISP and not my Peplink.

This may related to the defined outbound policy (Loadbalancing method) or the WAN connection issue.

Please refer to the URL below to isolate the issue:

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